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Sales Plan template- Sales strategy plan word excel format

It is very hard to get measurable success without a proper plan in the business. But too many peoples get lost in the process of planning at the initial stage. Hence, they can’t get proper outputs and objectives becomes weak. Because of the plan is opportunity, not a challenge.

This may provide you structural system and opportunity to manage the tasks by systematic way. To making a professional sales plan is way of systematic steps. You have to really understand the overall conditions, objectives, opportunities, market, product and competitions. This information will be help you makes #1 sales plan that definitely increase sales trends. Here as below given sales plan definition which will help you understand how to prepare sales plan and why it is important in business.

What is a Sales plan?

A sales plan is a strategic designed document that organize objectives and goals for business growth. This may be identifying you require actions and processes will help to meet your objectives’ goal. Actually, sales plan will set your objectives for sales goals, definite the existing customers as well as identify steps for attract new customers for overall business sales growth. Hence, that will be easier for you to follow-up this document to achieve measurable targets and capture maximum market as appropriate segment. But you have to standardize the specific template which will easier for carry forward the information for future plan. Standardize the template as sense of: make the template as per your business needs.

A standard template can be a powerful communication tool for sales team to establish and identify their growth against sales goals. A sales plan template describes targets for particular period and possible sales expenses. The right sales template can help to manage efficiency and increase the resources utilization. Here as below some free sales plan templates may helpful for your business:

Sample Sales Plan Templates

  1. What is a Sales plan?
  2. Sales Plan template
  3. Business Plan Template – Word & Excel Format
  4. Sales and Marketing Plan Template
  5. Sales Territory Plan
  6. 30 60 90 Day plan (Sales Plan)
  7. What to Include in a Sales Plan?


Sales Plan template

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Sales Plan template


This is unique template may have designed specifically for achieve the sales goals for business improvement. It will be designed to communicate all the functions to make sales goal on center. The template includes columns for the description of action steps, responsible department, action starting and end date. This is pretty simple but will help you to monitoring on all activities that needs to sales growth. Basically, here in this template, you can see there are two blocks, one is for statement of goal and second is list of resources and desire outcomes. Both the blocks are cover all the functional requirements which may needs for planning.

Business Plan Template – Word & Excel Format

Business Plan Template word, Business Plan Template excel, Business Plan Template pdf, Business Plan format, Business Plan example, Business Plan sample, Business Plan pdf, Business Plan ppt
Business Plan Template


A business plan template is a written document that describes all major business objectives and way to achieve them in defined period of time. It is obvious that, every business is planned for increase revenue and growth of business. Hence it should be planned to easier for increased volume sales, reduce cost, increase resources utilization and balance territory. Generally, business plan may include information such as key objectives, strategies, marketing views, and financial setups. Generally, following are main contents can be including in business plan are:

  1. Executive summary: In this section you can highlight the information of business objectives, mission statement and expecting keys to success.
  2. Description of business: The business description may include the financial and company basics. Here in this section, you can include company ownership, locations and addresses, products and services, manufacturing facility, financial management etc.
  3. Customer and marketing analysis: The section may cover the market analysis, market segment, competition, and pricing of the products and services.
  4. Strategy and implementation: Here in the section it may include your strategy for the business and how you will step out for improvement of business.
  5. Financial plan, statements, sales forecast and analysis: This is very important segment of business plan. Here you can add the information such as start-up expenses, determining start-up capital, cash flow details, income projection statement, balance sheet, sales forecast, break-even analysis, and miscellaneous documentation etc.

Here we tried to cover all the functions of the business plan template. Generally, this template may be used as the begin of the business or at starting of any new project. Hope, this information will be helpful for your business.

Sales and Marketing Plan Template

Sales and Marketing Plan Template word, Sales and Marketing Plan Template excel, Sales and Marketing Plan Template pdf, Sales and Marketing Plan format, Sales and Marketing Plan example, Sales and Marketing Plan sample, Sales and Marketing Plan pdf, Sales and Marketing Plan xls, Sales and Marketing Plan doc
Sales and Marketing Plan Template


This is the best sales and marketing plan template will help you to design your marketing plan with strategic ways. Even you can include the zonal management, pricing and other details which are require for territory management. Now days, best strategic sales and marketing plan is necessary for compete in market. Here as you can see the sample sales and marketing plan template may help you to your business.

Sales Territory Plan

Sales Territory Plan template, Sales Territory Plan format, Sales Territory Plan example, Sales Territory Plan sample, Sales Territory Plan pdf, Sales Territory Plan ppt, Sales Territory Plan xls, Sales Territory Plan doc, Sales Territory Plan document, Sales Territory Plan template sample
Sales Territory Plan


A sales territory plan template is planning document for the group of customer / geographical area for which an individual sales team holds responsibility to perform them. This template describes the plan to ensure the sales growth for particular zone, area or geographical area. The plan for each zone may be different for zonal requirements, customers’ habits, environments. Hence the ordinary sales or marketing plan will not work or applicable for each one. There so many factors that can affecting the sales if that is not proper planned, if it without proper analysis of geographical targets.

30 60 90 Day plan (Sales Plan)

30 60 90 Day plan (Sales Plan)
30 60 90 Day plan (Sales Plan)


A 30 60 90 Day plan is a written outline of individual or business strategy. Generally, this strategic planning may widely use for individual use for plan first 3 months on the job. But now days it is being equally important for entrepreneur, who recently starts the business. Those are expecting the proper planning for first impressive sales growth, market reputation and cost effective products in the market. This template is easy for made and flexible to use. The template may include the information such as plan duration (i.e. 30/60/90 days), goal, target, strategies, measurements, tools and mediums, and specific interval of task schedule etc. Here you can download this ready-made format for your business as well for your own use.

What to Include in a Sales Plan?

A sales plan is also referring sales business plan contain strategic sales planning that enable marketing businesses. Generally, every business is making their sales plan based on goals and objectives. Because those are possible measurable in unit. The design can be variant for each business but naturally those are works on same technique, methods and principles. Hence, here given some simple points, that are common in every sales plan for any business from any industrial segment:

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Target Customers
  3. Unique Selling Proposition
  4. Pricing and Positioning Strategy
  5. Distribution Plan
  6. Products and services
  7. Marketing Materials
  8. Promotions Strategy
  9. Online Marketing Strategy

This simple written document can help a business to success. Even through it is possible to track of various sales activities, growth and measurement of outputs for further improvements. Hence, business owner can ensure the progress of overall sales and plans.