Sales Report format

Sales Report Template for Excel {Daily, weekly, Monthly Examples}

A sales report template may outline sales volume, figures and analysis of sales data for time of period. It can be for daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly, or even for annual. The records can help to track performance of sales volume and market trends. Practically, the sales report design, structure, and contents may be different for business to business. It may all depends on the business requirements, views of market and products that business expecting promote.


The sales report is set of sales records which can use for track performance of sales team as well individual sales person. This may be also help to analyze the product sales, regional sales, volumes, as well amount of sales. Management usually use as inputs from the sales reports to take any decision that may associates the sales improvement, product development and enhancement, as well to meet end applications requirements.


Create effective sales report


In the business environment, sales report is much important to review the current sales volume and performance. The report is helps to record product or services sold during time of period. But, the sales report may be important and meaningful, if it will be easy to understand, complete, and comply the results that require. Herein some basic points that may help you to create effective sales report for your business.


Target audience


This is always important when you are going to create a sales report – who will be read your sales report. According to reader / audience you have to prepare the report, mean design and contents are depending upon audience.  Such as when you are reporting to managing director – you can include some figures which always M.D. expecting to prefer. Same as if it is for your financial or investors – you have to include some figures that they expecting to read it.


Determine what information should include


Once you identify your target audience, now you also have to decide what information you should have to include in the report. The information you are going to include should be specific, mean it must be related to your audience or as per your reader’s interest. You can ignore or brief information which is not associated with your audience, even important information must be detailed.


The information must be show the accurate picture – how the team is performing, what sales volume and what is product’s share in the market, etc.



Select best analytical time period


When you are going to reporting sales data to your superior / management, you have to make sure which time period is best for analysis which through management can get better results to review it. Typically, the sales report includes daily information, hence it will be easy to decide which time scale will be best to include those data in the report.


Gather data for reporting


It is obvious that without collecting set of data, you can’t create any kind of the report. But it is also important that the information which you are going to collect must be specific, related, reliable and useful for create an effective report. Before the collecting the information for report, you have to determine what the purpose of this report, and what results are expecting from this report.


Understand what is important


Sometime creating an extremely lengthy report can be useless. Often peoples expecting to reading brief and associated details with them. They can ignore reading entire report if it is much lengthy and unnecessary information are including.


Just Example,

Managing direct of sales –  does not interested to read which salesman how much calls attending of customers. They always wish to read information that makes them enable to take potential actions for improvement of sales volume.



Weekly Sales report template

Blank Weekly Sales report format
Weekly Sales report


The weekly sales report may help to identify and track the potential improvement in terms of collecting more and more clients. This may be daily records of the sales which is unique, specific and deep information can possible to acquire. The team manager can review this report to point out which objective, targets or even milestone they achieved during the week. In short, this weekly report will be much helpful to focus on the limit data, products, market and clients to understand the trend, potential improvement as well overall performance of the team. Herein some key reasons that weekly reports are needs to generate.


  • The report may help to identify the performance of the team as well individual in terms of sales generation.
  • This is only option to compare the plan vs. actual achievements. The sales manager can review the direction of the sales planning.
  • It may be decision maker report through management can realize what exactly improvement needs, even at which zone, division, area or even manpower.
  • The report provides best vision to know at a glance – where business is right now.


Overall, this is the key tool through the management can apply measures of improvement should it be needed at exact process, place or even particular team.


Daily Sales report template

Simple Daily Sales report sheet
Daily Sales report


It is obvious that the daily sales report is one of key tool that may assist to sales manager to take necessary actions for improve the sales volume. The management can be becoming aware of the existing condition of the performance of sales – daily basis records. Typically, when you are going to create a daily sales report, you have to take care some basics that needs to include in the report. The steps can definite the accurate reporting and its reliability.


Hence, you can follow some steps that may help you out to creating a better report.


  1. With any report, proper structure is much important for get better results on review. Because it will be use it for decision purposes for improvement at various level and places. Typically, there are actually three major things that makes your report structure much precious are: (1) Sales trend (2) Sales goals (3) Addressing problems associated with the process (4) Potential solutions.


  1. Whenever you design the structure of the report, now you have to focus on the brief details of the report. Which is much important for reader. You have to create a summary of the entire sales report at the top of the page. This summary gives an initial idea to your reader for get better understand about the reporting directions and points. This is actually quick review of the reporting at a glance.


  1. In the daily reporting, the details of the sales must be specific, unique and deep. The sales manager can get better understand of transaction made during the day. Just example, you can include at which zone, and how much sales volume, who is responsible, figures as well analysis you can include.


There are actually much different between daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly as well annual sales reporting. The daily sales reporting is focus on key information which is directly associated with sales. Even it may be deep information about each element of the sales reporting. This may be much helpful for analytical point of view.


Monthly Sales report template

Excel Monthly Sales report template
Monthly Sales report


If the business maintaining daily sales report, still the monthly report having its own place in the management. Even it is much important to create and study for sales improvement. The reporting will help to ensure that the business maintain their records up-to-date with all the sales activities. Even more, the monthly reporting is also much important for analyze the wide range of criteria and database. The results may be impact on the sales activities, policies, as well existing process.