Sales report templates – 10+ Monthly and weekly sales report templates in excel formats

If you are part of sales teams and getting increment on figures of sales, then sales report is definitely important part of your job right. Now days, organizations are giving a targets of sales volumes to each sale executives for complete in time bound. Hence the it is important for sales peoples are frequently monitor on weekly sales report to understand how much more effort require to reach at target.

Why sales report is important?

A sales report describes the information of total sales of values entered in the report. These report defines the information of organization with clear and proper information in figures to easier for management peoples for compare and improve the sales. Mostly in organization, every important decision is made on reviews of sales report. Because it is a mirror of performance of production and marketing efforts for its dedicated works. In case of sales are not as per targets or as previous records, it is definite that, management will take actions for improve the sales.


Sales report template

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Monthly Sales report templates – Free Sales Report in Excel sheet


This is one of the best excel based sale report template describes the sales activities of month. Generally, sales report can be in any terms of time period, it can be monthly, weekly, quarterly, half yearly or annual. Here you can see the sale report is monthly basis. it is describing the values of sales, invoices and all the related information in amounts are help the management to understand the profit in sale. Above template showing the amounts related to sales expenses, receipt of amount from sales, cost of product and balance amount is profit from sales.

Monthly sales report / sales forecast template

Monthly Sales Report & Forecast template, Monthly Sales Report & Forecast format, Monthly Sales Report & Forecast examples, Monthly Sales Report & Forecast download excel, Monthly Sales Report & Forecast pdf download
Monthly Sales Report & Forecast Template – Excel sheet / PDF download free


This basic sales report and forecast tool is for a small or new established organization which does not yet have a computerized full management information system, which would normally integrate sales reporting with other business processes.  These templates describe the sales of month with all the related information such as volume, revenues, margin and its percentage, number of order and average order values. Here the template also merged the information of next month forecast which through organization can forecast the possible sale target in upcoming days.

Monthly sales activities report template

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Monthly sales activities report – Templates | Formats | Examples | Samples | PDF – Download


Actually, sales activity reports are very important and crucial aspect of any organization. Because through these reporting system help an organization to understand about the overall progress of the sales personnel and also easier to track the possible trends. All the details of the sales people’s performance can be possible to merge in single format, that will be helps to management for individual tracking of each sale person. Generally, this report is preparing by salesmen, if the person is new in the field can possible makes a mistakes in the reports hence the best way is to download sales activity report described as above.

Simple Daily sales report template in word document format

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Daily Sales Report – Templates and formats


This daily sales report is sample template of the retailers are use in regular works. The report is used in daily basis where sale person is preparing details of sales of the day which tax, gifts and discount details. This format is very useful for retailers which having a limited product and frequently gifts, discounts and other things are needs to offer to customers for increase sales.

Blank Monthly sales report template in excel sheet free download

Monthly Sales report templates, Monthly Sales report formats, Monthly Sales report examples, Monthly Sales report sample, Monthly Sales report pdf, Monthly Sales report excel sheet, Monthly Sales report ppt
Monthly Sales report template – Sample Formats download in Excel sheet


A blank monthly sales report format is make in excel format, hence it is easy for customize this template as you wish. This format will help you manage whole month sales details in figures. Generally, best part of this template is simple and similar type of format which can any type, and any kind of business can use with minor customization.

Retail store weekly sales report template download in excel sheet

Weekly Sales Report format, Weekly Sales Report template, Weekly Sales Report example, Weekly Sales Report sample, Weekly Sales Report pdf, Weekly Sales Report ppt, Weekly Sales Report excel sheet
Weekly Sales Report Templates – Formats, Examples, Samples, PDf, PPT download


How to write effective sales report

If you are from corporate world, it is very important that writing any letter of report with effective words and manner. Here as below some tips for writing effective sales report might help you in your routine works:

  • Try to make the sales order more impressive to put the sales figures growth percentage on first column, sales figures, and other details.
  • Describe the information of on the top of the report with sales target, achieved and growth against previous month. The short describe will make your report more valuable.
  • Include small graph or comparison table with previous month’s sales if current month performance is better. It will show the performance improvement and reviewer will must impress to see it.
  • All the data must accurate, clear and valuable, don’t try to includes unnecessary information such as unnecessary expense details, unrelated personnel names etc…

Sales report is usual word that every entrepreneur or corporate world quite familiar with it. Generally, sales report could be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual. of an organization’s management is use this report for analyze the business performance and identify factors behind market trends, aspects of sales up and down etc.