Blank Sales Tracking excel format

Sales Tracking Template for Excel [Daily, Monthly, Annual Sales]

A sales tracking template is document may help to recording all sales funnel, and tracking interactions with sales pipelines throughout the sales process. The template provides a visibility into entire sales activities as well makes easier to find out improvement opportunity.


Overall’ the sales tracking facilities insights much visible that may help you to convert more prospects into customers. Mostly whenever you tie up your sales improvement with customer relationship system. The sales tracking may be involving some features are:


  1. It can identify potential leads at highest of funnel of the sales records.
  2. The sheet can help to track the interactions of the sales process.
  3. Sales tracking enables able to keep track – what actually happening with entire sales processes.
  4. Tracking may provide a clear visibility to makes easier to identify treats that ultimately helps continuous improvement of the ensure sales activities.
  5. It may be simplifying the process to manage, and even visualize performance of sales
  6. The sheet may provide an active monitoring system that through you can monitor daily sales progress, as well calculate productivity.
  7. In case any zonal sales funnel found weak, you can identify and do something for increase involvement and motivate the employees.
  8. Easy to creating a charts, graphs for a glance.



Actually, the sales tracking may provide clear visibility at real time: What happening right now, – anytime, anyplace. It can make room for opportunities that comes front of you, which may be easier to implement at sales process. Even more, some issues that occurring with throughout the sales process may possible to identify before it takes impacts on entire sales process.


Effective Sales Tracking template for Excel

Excel Effective Sales Tracking template
Effective Sales Tracking template for Excel

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Using this template, you can easily track your daily sales figures with other associated details which is important for sales process. The tracking system can also help you to representing your data with graphs and charts that much important to take any decisions related to improvement of sales performance.


The template may include item name, cost per item, percentage markup, total sales details, total revenues from the sales, shipping charges on each item, other shipping costs, profit from sales, return materials if any and total incomes. Even more, you can also create a visual graph for product profit per item, and percentage income per product.


Most the peoples can ask question why daily sales tracking is requiring or why it is important for the business. This is actually vital document to identify existing sales performance, business shares and specific details that overall’ helpful to increase sales and capture more customers significantly.


Whenever you are review the entire sales performance through tracking sheet, you can realize – which product is sustaining and potential for extend individually. The visibility of the sales can be makes easier with tracking template.



Sales tracking template – Daily / Monthly

Simple Sales tracking format
Daily / Monthly : – Sales tracking template

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This is simple but very effective tracking format that may help you to keep track the sales records with gives an overall performance views. The template may include annual records that comes with monthly sum of sales even the date wise for particular product. This is actually ledger type sales tracking sheet is able to maintain individual product records for annum.


Why you should use this template?


If you are running big business, it is obvious that the sales volumes with big sales records that may not easy to track. Hence, this template can helpful to organize as well tracking the records with all require features.


Even more, if you expecting the transparency and optimal accuracy in the sales records and its reporting, you can use this template to manage the records effectively. The template is easy for customize, and easy to use, because it’s prepare in Excel sheet.


Customizing the template may helpful in tracking with some basic requirements such as finding customer details, follow-up sales leads, contacts of potential customers, even overall performance of sales at end of the month. To review this template, you can manage your monthly reports to identify the potential treats, existing conditions as well business performance and improvement opportunity.


Helpful reviews


Determine your Market Audience

This is actually one of the important aspect, that you have to identify your target audience. Typically, the sales records may be help you to determine that who your customers are?. The steps may much helpful for future plans, marketing strategies and sales performance improvements. Even more, it may be directly influence your important decisions to acknowledge about customers.


Analyzing data

First of all, you have to ensure the data types and sources of data. This may be much helpful if you have to records of sales for a month, or even for an annum. You can easily identify the segment of customers. Which product is much share in the market, as well which product is becoming weak in the market.


How to measure sales tracking record data?


Sales per sources

When you have to enough data for analysis. You can use the various analysis methods to get accurate and effective data sets. Moreover calculate the number of sales that done through various sources. That you can identify which product / item maximize the amount of business. Even more, easier to identify leading in the market among all business’ products.


Identify time period

With the sales tracking template, you can identify total sales in a given time period. You have to calculate the number of sales performed during particular time period. It may usually monthly, quarterly, or annum.


Tracking demographical records

The tracking of demographical records is much important to increasing sales performance. The records may be help you to identify which product is demographically much sold. Which having a weak performance at which zonal. Hence, the sales team can take the much effort to sale product as gives profit and increase the sales volume.


Individual sales tracking

When you handing multiple zonal with multiple teams. You must need to verify the records and keep tracking the important information related to sales. Typically, if you enter the details of individual / sales executive / manager’s sales records. That you can even track the individual sales volume. These details are much important to understand individual dedication about the works. Even also easier for management to provide facility, increments, promotion as well motivation.


Analyze customer’s sales cycle

The sales records may help you to calculate the accurate time and figures. That you can analyze – how much time will be takes for a lead to become a customer. Even, complete entire sales cycle you can estimate through previous records.


Customer wise revenue

There are actually so many methods and techniques to analyze the existing sales records. The information from the sales records may be helpful to identify customer wise revenue. Even you can identify average revenue per customer.