Simple Lesson plan template

School plan – Lesson plan template for Excel & Word (Daily & weekly)

The lesson plan template is standard guidelines & instructions set which may outline – What students needs to learn – How it will be taught – How measure it, and how to make it more effectively in the class room. Typically, the lesson plans are widely used by teachers to get proper guidance to track the learning trajectory on proper way.


The lesson plan illustrates – how teachers may handle their classes. What should be road map of the learning trajectory. Actually, this is written document can include various subjects, different kinds of lessons may plan. Now, for each standard, ready made lesson plans are available online… Where you have to just modify some details which is irrelevant to you. Mostly structure, design and formation contents may be similar.


This written plans are helps to trainee teachers to conduct their regular jobs. To understand the details of each class activities, even they can follow the exact instructions. For produce sufficient activities which makes more productive. The plans can also include time slabs to make it more specific for each activity. Even, it may impractical to expecting the professional teacher will follow it.


Basic elements of Lesson plan


The lesson plan template may help you to understand what to include in your lesson plan. Actually, defining the lesson plan is not easier task. However this is the important part of education. Through it, teachers can perform their tasks in order to achieve the targets.

Usual lesson plan may includes:

  • Objectives
  • Goals
  • Methods of teaching
  • Reviews and
  • Assessment

But whenever you are thinking to make – there some basic or common elements should must include as below:


Goals & Objectives


Whenever you are going to create lesson plan, first of all you have to set up your lesson plans’ goals and objectives. Through it you can achieve your targets and may help to follow plan effectively. It is actually balance your tracks of the progress.


Sharing Knowledge and Identifying Gap


There are actually so many methods to sharing the knowledge and identifying the gaps of each student. You can communicate with student for various subject, even interview or ask questions to group of student to understand the knowledge about particular subject. Mostly, the response may help you to understand what still needs to know, and what information you have to deliver to increase the knowledge of each student in particular subject.


Obtain more knowledge


In this model, the teacher can take some more effort to increase the knowledge on particular subject. They can obtain the knowledge through talking with expert, watching videos, reading books or anything that make it more knowledgeably in particular subject or topic. It may help your teacher for deliver the knowledge on particular subject. This is also actually part of the lesson where teacher should make it enough subjective knowledge for increase the directive contents for students.


In Practical


Whenever they acquire enough knowledge about any subject which is directly concern with student. Teachers can start to deliver in practical so, student can get benefit to learning more stuff in line with their course subjects.




The evaluation of the entire lesson plan should be needs to reviews and understand what needs more. Even the delivering knowledge is enough, sufficient and accurate? – the assessment may help to teacher for understand the gap. They can take actions on assessing the subjects through counter questions, interview or any other methods.


Examples of Lesson Plan templates


The lesson plan is actually guidelines – step by step process for organize the lessons. That may outline common objectives that defines by teachers, to accomplish the teaching points on time. Usually, setup the targets and objectives as well developing activates much important for student learning program. The lesson plan templates are one of the important part, that through teachers can manager student lessons. You can download this ready-made template and use as your requirements.


Lesson Plan template

Simple Lesson Plan template
Blank Lesson Plan template

Download Sheet

Either you can create your own lesson plan by self or download ready made lesson plan template from online.

Whenever you are going to decide for creating a lesson plan, you have to just remember some things that are common.

First of all, you have to understand about your student – know your student. Accordingly, to your student’s requirements you have to plan your lesson to execute accordingly.

Using This sheet !

You can use the various techniques and styles that are much popular now days, such as visual, auditory, tactile or combinations etc. Second think is objective; you have to setup the objective for your learning plan. You have to outline main subjects and course details in the lesson plan to easier for implementation.

Third part is managing with timeline. The timeline will be enable you to understand your time limits, as well you can organize the task accordingly. This ready-made template may help you to manage your plans that makes easier your tasks.


High school lesson plan template

Printable High school lesson plan template
High school lesson plan template

Excel Download

This High school lesson plan template is specifically design to manage the various lesson plan. Through this template, you can create:

  • Daily School Plan sheet;
  • Weekly or monthly lesson plan much easy.

To creating an efficient teaching style, even for enhance success rate. You have use this template to manage your lessons. This template having a simple structure with specific design which is much easy for teacher for modify it.


School lesson plan template

Effective School lesson plan Format
Basic Plan Template for School Lessons.

Sheet Download

If you are expecting your teaching process became more simple, and easy. You can download our template that having structure that may help you to do it. This simple format is design with excel sheet. As you know excel is very simple and flexible application. Where you can customize anything – any time. With our collection multiple choices, you have, you can choose any template. Even more, use for your lesson plan. This handy template will be help you to make your planning much flexible, easy and enough simple.