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Scope of Work Template in Excel – Construction SOW Examples

A scope of work is an agreement document may contain each details of works that is needed to be performed to complete the job in a time scale. This SOW template may include important information such as job reports, deliverable, milestones, and final products that are customers expecting from providers.

Actually, the scope of works also called statement of work as well. The document that describes the objectives and terms of any project, contract or services. Usually the SOW refer as the potential works list to complete with allocated time period. Even more, it may also describe the processes, methods and technique through entire process will be accomplish.

  • Normally, the scope of works focuses on objectives and deliverable
  • Describes processes, methods and techniques through entire project or works will be done.
  • It may also describe when entire process should be will complete in what time.
  • General reporting, milestones, deliverable etc. are major component of this document.
  • You can describe the scope of works on specific timeline for particular task, schedule or project.

Defining the document of SOW is very important for any project or specific tasks. Hence, most of the businesses are using the ready made template which cover overall details that may require to successfully complete the points which are included in the scope of works.

What to include in scope of work?

When you are creating a document for scope of works for particular project or entire manufacturing or any business process. You have to understand what actually require or what can be components of the scope of work document. It may be including the related to the work be for complete, scope of work must have to below information:

General Structure for scope of work template

Every business template should be well formatted, structured and well design that may helpful to peoples for use and verify accordingly. Hence, when you are creating any standard template, you have to remember some basic requirements, what details you really want to show in the template and what are really important for the formation of the design. Hence, general structure is very important for business management.

Usually, the general structure may contain the details of the project description. Details of tools, material which are require for various processes. Specific time period for the implementation, reporting and follow-up of objective details. Unique timelines for describe specific details require to be done.


Actually this section may describe the fundamental requirements and basic purpose of the entire document. This may be conducts the high-level picture of the project’s objective. Hence, scope of work document may focus the actual way of direction.

Performance period

In this section, you have to describe the details of the time period, mean when this project will be start, what will be actual period of performance, and when it will be accomplish. Each details should be indicating the estimation on time scale. Even it should be according to scope of entire project or work.

Schedule management

Usually, scope of work may describe the expected deliverable and obviously it may describe the deliverable schedule for particular part of project or entire project. Normally it can be containing the milestones of project, tasks, and deadlines. You can use the details with any formation either you can use list format or table formation.

Where to perform

When you are creating a scope of work template document, you have to create which part, phase, and department you will be going to target. Mean, where you are going to perform entire actions through this document. The target place is always being matter to complete the task successfully.

The scope of work

Actually this is the main part of the entire document. Or it is trigger section of document. Here you can define what work is to be complete, and how. Even more, what should be include work requirements, objectives, deliverable and assumptions. Some cases you have to also describe any unique or extra processes which can be important to successfully complete the project. Here one this is also much important is assumptions. When you are going to create scope of work, you have to also mention detailed assumptions about project. Even more, why this assumption is including this the document.

Terms & Conditions, Quote and schedules

At the part of the document, you can include the key expenses and payment terms details. Normally this is the part of the estimation of the cost, payment and its schedules. In the business environment, scope of work is not a negotiation tool, but rather a place to document terms that have already been agreed upon. Hence, it may help to ensure that the both the parties are understand and agreed upon entire section of this document.

Acceptance criteria for deliverable

Usually, this section may describe the measurements, scope of works acceptance measurements, and responsibilities for it. Actually the statement of works will be only considering as acceptable once all the concern parties are signature on it.

Examples of Scope of work templates & Samples

A scope of work is a document that widely used for the listing an objective, works details which are require to complete the job. This scope of works may describe the entire project tasks and path of it. But preparing the scope of works without specific format can be create trouble. There are possible to miss some features, details or any important point. Hence, most of the businesses are using the scope of work template for their SOW documentation. Here are some example templates which can help you to create your own business templates for scope of work.

Construction scope of work template

Construction scope of work template
Construction scope of work template

Sample Construction scope of work template Download | PDF Construction scope of work excel template

It will be not easy if you don’t have structural format for construction scope of work template. Hence, here we prepare typical ready made template which are used for recording many tasks for construction business. This template may provide you structural and defined fields which you can use for your business tasks for scope of work. More, this template is made with excel format, which is very easy to used and flexible for customization.

Sample Scope of work example

Sample Scope of work excel example
Sample Scope of work example

Scope of Work Example Download | SOW (Scope of work) PDF download

Best example template may drive your document well defined and well structured. Hence, here you can download some simple ready made template examples which are specifically made to target business audience. You can download and customize it as per your business requirements.

This ready made template will be cover the basic information such as description of scope of works, project details, services and deliverable, units and its costs, and total costs figures. This may be providing your estimation for your scope of work.

Free scope of work template

Free scope of work template
Free scope of work template

Excel Template free download SOW | PDF Download – SOW Templates

Actually there are so many options and ready made templates are available on internet. But most are asking for the signup or payment for the download. But here you can download ready made template which can be helpful for your requirements. These templates actually made for education purpose only. But you can use as reference to make your own scope of work template. This template is completely free of charge. You have to just click on download link and you can get this template in excel format.

Scope of work template document

Scope of work template document
Scope of work template document

SOW – Scope of work template – excel download | The scope of work – PDF Download

Creating the scope of work is very easy if you have enough information about the project, details of each task, potential risks details, external and reference documentation, and most important is template which can help to cover all these details. Hence, all the details of scope of works should contain all the details that make sense of the document. We suggest take your time to write out all the details, which are very important, review these details after the complete the SOW document. In case any change requires, you will be quickly change these details which can be raise the issues.