Self Evaluation form

Self Evaluation Examples, Samples & Forms (Quick Questions & Answers)

What is Self Evaluation?

A self evaluation is a systematic method to an evaluate an employee by self for their own work performance and skills. The process gives the opportunity to enhance performance by results of reviews from the self-evaluation. Normally, the evaluation may include observation, analysis, value and rating your own performance.

Apparently, self evaluation is useful for the employee to analyze and evaluate its professional actions for improvement. It may cover entire system, or individual functions to effective improvement on base of outcomes from self evaluation process.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Self Evaluation?
  2. Overview to Self Evaluation Examples
  3. What can be purpose of the self-evaluation?
  4. Self Evaluation examples – Free forms & template download
  5. Which things help to make your self-evaluation more effective?
  6. Importance of Self Evaluation


Overview to Self Evaluation Examples

A self evaluation example can be illustrating evaluation characteristics that may use for initial guide reference the entire process. Even more, employee can imitate the essentials to accurate evaluation from self evaluation examples. Hence, they can highlight their best performance, as well weakest performance from their entire professional works.

  • Normally, the examples may lead the procedure through accurate illustrating steps of process.
  • It may help to understand the process requirements during the evaluation activities.
  • The self evaluation example may help as guide that makes easy to perform the evaluation process for effective and accurate valuation of their job.
  • Additionally, it may provide a systematic approach, to makes a stability and improvement of an employee’s performance.

In short, the self evaluation example is beneficial for the employee to immediate imitate information may much helpful for the process. it is obvious that the preparing a standard self evaluation template may take a more effort, time and money. Hence the best option is that to taking readymade self-evaluation example use as reference document.

What can be purpose of the self-evaluation?

The initial purpose of the self-evaluation is to focus on development of unused skills and abilities. It may help to understand strengths & weaknesses about self’s performance. On involvement of the rating in the self-evaluation may help to achieve goals, and competencies, even and overall performance. Here are some of the highlights about the purposes for the self-evaluation:

  • Initially, you can know about the self-productivity, and outputs.
  • Self-evaluation gives an opportunity for an employee to target Improvement in communication manner.
  • To improve the job performance and achieve the goals in time frame.
  • Understand the requirements of unused skills and abilities to enhancement in job performance.

Actually, the self-evaluation process gives an opportunity to employee for evaluate their works to improve as best level. The process may include an overall performance, job competencies, skill levels, goals, and abilities.

Self Evaluation examples – Free forms & template download

It is necessary to evaluate each employee’s job performance, even business performance on periodic manner. Normally, employee’s evaluation process is common with each business, that may self-evaluation. Without evaluation business can’t determine the improvement of the business. Simply each employee may follow the business’s standard procedure to evaluate the self by observe, examine, and values of own professional actions.

Self Evaluation performance review examples

Self Evaluation performance review form, Self Evaluation performance review template
Self Evaluation performance review example


This is unique example template may help to arrange the information of the self-evaluation process. it may also help to customize the specific field to make suitable for your own performance reviews. This example format has a better design and enough space to make your own self-evaluation template with easier way. To making a self-evaluation process professionally, you have to change some field as your own requirements.

Employee Self Evaluation Examples free download

Employee Self Evaluation form, Employee Self Evaluation sample
Employee Self Evaluation Example


Actually, this is meaningful tool that use for evaluating an employee’s job performance. The self-evaluation example is flexible and well-designed structure may helpful to organize your information. This employee self-evaluation example has unique features to rating the individual performance. It may include job knowledge, quality and productivity, independence and initiative, interpersonal relationships, communication, attendance, supervisory skills, future goals and action plan.

Example of employee self evaluation form – Self-evaluation template

employee self evaluation example
employee self evaluation form


Designing the self-evaluation form can be very complicated and time wasting job for any business. Hence, here you can see the ready made forms that may help to make your own self-evaluation form. The ready made format may include all the features and facilities will be helpful even easy to modification.

Free Employee self evaluation form

Employee self evaluation examples
Free Employee self evaluation form


The design of the employee self evaluation form with specific features that may helpful for your process. It may include job knowledge, work quality, attendance / punctuality, initiative, communication / listing skills, dependability, and overall ratings.  This form helpful to assessing the competencies of individual employee, strength and weaknesses. Even more it also can help to assess the gap, and also help to identify the bridge the space between the potential and actual performance.

Which things help to make your self-evaluation more effective?

Normally, when you are start any project or tasks, it is obvious you always expecting convenience environment, to comfort in order to complete your works. I have personally experience in manufacturing unit that give an idea about the work environment. When you are doing some paper works, the work environment much helps to do concentrate on works. Some of the factors that can makes positive impact on your self-evaluation process are as below:

Sufficient time may need to do in order to complete self-evaluation


On initial stage of the self evaluation, you have to need sufficient time to understand all the aspects for better evaluate the job performance. Even, you are evaluating your own works performance, hence it may take more attention on element more carefully. In sort, you have to allot sufficient time to finish entire process on comfort environment. During this time, you can review complete set of document, and focus on your goals.

Quiet and a relaxing environment

The entire self evaluation process requires to enough concentrate to evaluate each section of own job performance. Obviously require a quiet place without any distractions that may disturb the focus on works. Relaxing environment may be helpful for reduce the stress during the evaluate each task carefully.

Highlight your strengths and weaknesses


After all this is evaluation process you can’t be modest to explain your strengths and weaknesses. The honestly you have to highlight your strengths, grace, boast and also weaknesses. But carefully you have to explain these things without use someone’s name, blames or any negative statement about your colleagues.

Write your achievements stately

During the progression of the self evaluation process. You may discuss with your supervisor on any important objective. It is normal that your supervisor can’t possibly remember your all achievements you made during the year. Hence, take the advantage of this platform to describe your achievements gracefully.


Remember that, if we think self evaluation is annual process, may be. But to describe all the achievement in single document, may need all the event documented. Hence, you have to review all the previous project document, emails, chats, and communication letter during the year. This entire process may helpful to accurate describe your achievement with graceful manner.

360-degree feedback

A 360-degree feedback also called multi rater feedback (multi source feedback). This process helps to collect the feedback from co-workers, and supervisors. The inputs may be valuable as in form of comments or things that you may have forgotten.

Do not tempt, be objective

It is obvious that when your self evaluating your own works, you can be coming to tempt to give yourself high marks across the board. Hence, be honest to evaluating yourself, try to make based on actual performance and its results from facts, figures, and specific dates.

Use appropriate language

Try to use appropriate language for self-evaluation document. Take the reference documents as you previously submit to your boss. It should be including respective words, focus on demonstrate and objective-based words are use.

Annexure your suggestions with self-evaluation form

The self evaluation is providing a platform, and opportunity to identify and improve your performance. When you are completing your self-evaluation process, it will be good to include some suggestions that may help to improve entire job performance. Describing some self weaknesses, and giving some suggestions to improve in these field that is professional maturity of employee.

Importance of Self Evaluation

Normally, there are so many types that are used for the evaluation. But mostly, self-evaluation is best option to evaluate individual as some reasons. Some of the points that may light on the importance of self-evaluation are as below:

  • This is the opportunity for the employee to understand about self-performance. It may enhance the certainty about their job activities.
  • Traditionally, businesses are assign the evaluation process of each employee to concern manager or supervisors, but there are some limitations. Hence, self-evaluation is becoming more popular in the businesses.
  • Employee can identify their strength and weaknesses as evaluating by self. This may be providing a freedom to understand about its own works and about self.
  • The results of the self-evaluation may help to bridge the gap between the potential and actual performance.
  • It may help to supervisors and management for reduce the own perceptions of about employee’s work performance and job duties. They will understand on fact and figures instead of.

In any business without evaluation of individual, how business can determine the improvement? It is obviously requiring in order to progress of each employee’ evaluation on periodic scale.