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10+ Printable Sign-in sheet for Word & Excel – Visitor, Event, Employee

A sign-in sheet template (Sign-up Sheet) is a document may contain details of peoples, where they give names and contact information on entry at a location. This is simple method to obtain information of visitors, staff, student, guest or any person participate or enter at any place. The sign-in sheet outline that the list of peoples is at present or involve in activity at particular place.


Maintain records of all the available peoples at single location is much important. It may help know who is on at premises, and how many peoples are currently existing at the place. The sign-in sheet is actually convenient method to obtain records of visitors, participant or anyone who involve or take entry at premises. Typically, the sign-in sheet may contain simply name of person, contacts, in-time and signature is necessary.


Actually, the sign-up sheet template is best way to obtain information of peoples involve in activity. Even whenever you are hosting any event, meeting, party or appointment you have to know how many peoples in your premises right now, and who has left.


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There can be actually multiple uses, multiple segments and multiple purposes of sign-in sheet. Here are some of the best examples are given as below which may help you to create sign-in sheet of your own.


Meeting Sign-in sheet template

Simple Meeting Sign-in sheet template
Blank Sheet For Meeting

Excel Sheet Download

A meeting sign-in sheet is actually attendance records of a group of peoples that involve in a meeting. It may usually contain name of person, title, business / company name, phone number and fax, email as well website URL if any. Actually, the sign-in sheets is part of the management system where businesses are using this sheet various purposes. Such as meeting sign-in sheet, visitors, general sign-in sheet etc. The records of the meeting sign in sheet even contents can be different than other sign-in sheet. Typically, it may contain the minimum requirements such as name and contact, email as well signature.



Student Sign-in sheet template

Printable Student Sign-in sheet template
Student Sheet

Template Download

Most of the schools as well collages, student sign-in sheet is widely use to log the individual student’s detention time to make more accessible. It may help to teachers as well professor to monitoring and supervising presents of individual student, and time manner.


Generally, in the school, the sign-in sheet is much important where students must be fill out their present in entering the school. The time in and out time are frequently monitor by teachers as well principal of school. Hence, each one’s attendances, time discipline etc., things are much important. Even the authority can access and track the records to assess individual student’s behavior.


How to create a student sign-in sheet?


There are actually multiple choices, platforms and tools that may help you to create a student sign-in sheet. But I personally using Excel sheet to creating attracting and effective sign-in sheet.


  • First of all, you have to open the Excel Blank sheet and make the heading “Student sign-in sheet”
  • Describe the month/year as well date if you are making daily sign-in sheet.
  • Insert table for the contents. You can describe the details which are relative to your requirements.
  • You have to describe the details in the table such as – Serial number, student name, time in, time out, signature and remarks.
  • At the bottom of the sheet, you can describe further remarks that may use for the teachers.


Either you can use the table format or any simple text, but some contents that are important should be described in the sheet. Even the sheet must be review by teachers to know the present and availability of students.


Visitor Sign in sheet template

Excel Visitor Sign in sheet template
Simple sheet template

Sample Excel Download

The visitor sign-in sheet is document widely used at various sectors such as business, schools, open houses etc. This is actually part of the security management where require to keep not and obtain information of each visitor. The records may help to authority for tracking and monitoring purposes. Typically, this sheet also much helpful for the businesses, where each visitors’ records can possible to easily maintain with single sheet.


What is Benefits of the visitor sign-in sheet template?

  • Most of the businesses are arranging the parties and meetings for their staff members as well other business’s owners. Hence, it is much important to business owner to verify the list of the peoples who join the event, as well how much time they spend in the event. At the result the business can get the better idea about the visitors list as well number of real visitors are attended the event.
  • For safety and security point of view – the visitor sign-in sheet is much important. The authority can get to know who are to go inside in premises, even actually how many peoples are available at the same time.
  • Invitee can easily know to review the sign-in sheet about special invited peoples are came or not.



Workplace Sign in sheet template

Printable Workplace Sign in sheet template
Blank Workplace template

Printable Sheet Download

Typically, the work place sign-in sheet is used to recording each person who is enter and exit from the workplace. This is actually essential requirements for the manufacturing as well engineering units. Where some confidential products or engineering designs are conducts for processing. The workplace sign-in sheet may help to obtain each one’s details who is enter in the workplace for any purpose. They can be visitor, employee, or from another department’s person. The management can get know well about peoples who enter in the workplace and how much time spend in workplace.


Training Sign in sheet template

Excel Training Sign in sheet template
Training template Free

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The training is actually very necessary part of an employee’s professional journey, even for employers to make their employee more productive. Hence, the businesses are arranging the training on if any technology or management changes. The training sign-in sheet is one of the important part of a training program. Mostly businesses are using this sheet to recording training attendance.


What to include in a training sign in sheet?


The document is preparing and used to managing records of training attendance. Usually, it is needs to fill out by employee when they are coming to class room or at floor where training program is running. The information of the training sign in sheet and contents that can use to records in as below:

  • Describing the subject of the training at top of the sheet. If there are multiple topics, you can use with column.
  • Details of the locations and place where the training program is held.
  • Date / month and year of the training.
  • Accurate date and time when the training may be start.
  • Make the sufficient space for filling of details such as name of attendance, time as well signature.
  • Time out column when any trainee going left to program.


Employee Sign in sheet template

Blank Employee Sign in sheet template
Employee Sign-in sheet

Blank Sheet Download

The employee sign-in sheet is very important document used in industrial management. Typically, the management use this template to monitoring, tracking and used for security purposes. This is actually evidence of the employee entered in the facility, as well the document also describes when employee came in the company’s premises.


This template having a unique features and details which may helpful to create your own sign-in sheet. You can take this sheet as reference. The details of the employee sign-in sheet can manage by human resources to calculating individual employee’s time keeping.


Purpose of Employee Sign in Sheet



  • Actually, the sheet may increase the employee and employer’s accountability for various subjects. Even this is the method through employer can get the individual employee’s time manner. It may also helpful to accounting welfare of individual.
  • Whenever employee time in, they know what their duties and tasks and understand their ownership of their works too. At same side employer having a sufficient tool that through they can monitor their actual working hours without any interference.
  • This can be one of the important part of the monitoring tool through employer can get the better understand of individual’s dedication of time to employee works.
  • The attendance of individual employee may help to management to understand the effort of each one. Even they can take actions to increase the productivity of employee.


Guest Sign in sheet template

Blank Guest Sign in sheet template
Guest Sign in sheet template


The Guest sign-in sheet template is a common template that widely used to managing and recording any meeting, party or event attendance. Typically, it may help to obtain the contact information of each attendees. Usually, this template is used for promotional event, social or general gathering, business meeting etc.


There are actually two major purposes – first is keeping logs of attendance of individual, and second is maintain records of contact information for each attendee. This information can be helpful to communicate later on sometime.


How to use a Guest Sign-in Sheet


Fix Entry Points

When you really expecting to collect information of your guest, you have to make limited entry points where guest sign in sheet can maintain. Even you also have to ensure, all the guests are fill out the sign-in sheet properly.


Make Sign in sheet accessible

You have to make sure your sign in sheet is easy to accessible for everyone, mostly guests. You can put it on table or anywhere which is easy for guest to visible.


Writing instrument

Some things are ordinary, but much important, you have to put the writing instrument on the table, so everyone can use it without any chaos.


Sample Sign in sheet template

Sample Sign-in sheet template
Sign in sheet template

Printable Sheet Download

The simple sign in sheet / sign-up sheet is widely used to collecting information of guests or visitors to at event, meeting, or any location. This template may help to collect information such as name, time in, time out, signature, as well contact information.


Event Sign in sheet template

BlankEvent Sign in sheet template
Event Sign in sheet template

Download Simple Sheet

The event sign in sheet template is one of the important part of the event management. Whenever you are going to prepare for event, you must have to create a sign-in sheet to collect attendee information. This is actually necessary requirements of the managing information as well tracking records of the peoples who are going to participate in the event. The records may helpful for the various purposes. You have managed this records with sign-in sheet for further communication in future. You can download this ready-made template. Or you can create your own sign-in sheet to take reference from this template.


Daily Sign in sheet template

Daily Sign in sheet template
Daily Sheet

Free Download

A daily sign in sheet template is different type of the sheet, which is used for daily records. This sheet is widely use in the schools. As well businesses where regularly records are maintaining. Typically, the sheet may be comes with pre-printed name, and other related information. Such as in school’s class room, you can manage records of each student with sign-in sheet. As same if any workplace, you can maintain sign-in sheet of each employee. Who working in the workplace. They will daily sign when they enter in the workplace.