Stock Register excel sheet

Stock Register Book Format (Samples & Templates for Excel)

A stock register is a document may contain stock information of all incoming & outgoing stock with sum of entire stock or materials’ amount figures. Generally, most of the businesses are using this register book to ensure monitor the sufficient materials are in stock and overall stock status. It may also help to verify the status of materials with physical stock at storage.

In short, stock register book format will be serves the initial functions that may help a business to organize their stock with effective way. Normally the stock register is essential part of the inventory management. Hence, it should be easier to tracking each item available with stock.

Overview to stock register book

The best part of the stock register book is easier to inputs the values for the maintain stock. Even the outputs may also helpful to understand the current status of the stock in hand. Actually, this register is essential part of the inventory control system. No matter how your company is big or small, stock register is important to maintain internal items which is use at various process. Even the maintain this register is very simple and easier for any new employee.

Actually the stock register is live document. It should be frequently update once any item transaction made within the organization. Mean, when any new purchase, issue or any storage related transaction will affect the stock balance. Normally there some transactions that may contains in the register are – (1) Purchases (2) Issues (3) stock transfer (4) Consumption (5) wastage from stock.


Manual Stock Register Format (Stock register book excel format)

Stock Register Format excel
Manual Stock Register Format


In the manual stock management, you can use the register or card for the maintaining accurate stock. The manual stock register is one of the important document that is help to maintain the records effectively. Actually the simple stock register may give you total controls on each transaction made within the organization. This manual stock register format will allow you to track each incoming and outgoing materials, balance quantity as well wastage if any in the stock.

Excel Stock Register Worksheet (Sample excel sheet)

Excel Stock Register Worksheet template
Excel Stock Register Worksheet


Most of the businesses are using the stock register for the maintain their inventory. Actually there are so many methods to organize their data such as automatic software, hand writing, using excel applications. But software and hand writing can be not suitable for the small and medium scale businesses. Due to limited staff and regular updates of stock requirements. Hence, excel base stock register book may helpful for maintain their records with effective way.

Dead stock register Format – Templates | Examples | Samples download free

Dead stock register excel worksheet
Dead stock register Format


Actually the inventory that is items which are not sell, move or transfer from the stock is calls dead stock. This dead stock also should be maintaining properly with suitable application. Hence, maintain in deal stock register with excel application may helpful for understand the current stock.


Generally, the dead stock cost is coming from manufacturing, return materials or materials which are not in use longer for any process. These materials should also have to proper maintain in storage area.

Stock Register book format


Stock Register book template
Stock Register book format


This is unique design with all the functions that require to creating a perfect stock register book. This ready made stock register book will help you to manage regular stock related transactions such as materials inwards, materials outwards etc. in the book.

How to maintain stock register in excel?

Most of the start-up businesses can be shortage of the staff. It will be challenging of the business when you don’t have sufficient staff to manage all the business’ tasks. Hence, business have to always try some things that may makes their works easy and quick.

The inventory management & control is one of the biggest challenges for the new start-up business. Hence, they have to understand the initial needs to the entire inventory transactions to establish proper system. It will be helpful to business for define the proper system or method that may suitable for their business works. There are so methods that can use for the maintaining their inventory. But the simple and quick method is using an excel application. Here are some steps that may help you to maintain the stock in excel:

  • Open the blank excel sheet and create column for:
  • No. and date, and opening stock column.
  • Purchase or material inward: Create new column for inward materials – purchase date, item name, unit.
  • Sales or material outward: Make the new column for date, item name, unit.
  • Create column for balance stock, item name and unit.
  • Even you can also add new column for purchase returns with same details.
  • You can also add for waste materials from stock.
  • Now you have to create formula such as Balance unit = inward quantity – outward quantity – waste quantity.

Remember that, the stock register should be maintaining with specific methods. Such as FIFO is always best options for the consumable goods. Even try to make each item with specific code to avoiding duplication. Update each fields regularly to easier for the understand re-order level of each item.