Excel Store Inventory format

Store Inventory Template for Excel [Retails, Restaurant, small business]

The store inventory template is a record sheet of all the items are available within store for various manufacturing processes. The inventory sheet may simple calculations of purchases, sales, issues and wastage:

  • When items are purchases – inventory will be increase.
  • Once it will be sold / consumption / issues for manufacturing processes- inventory will be decrease.
  • At in store wastages – the inventory will be decrease.


This is actually basic mathematics of the entire inventory. Even this is important track any changes occurring related to inventory. That changes must effect immediately in relevant ledger. Some of the businesses are using a special software for maintain their store inventory. But it can be costly for the small scale businesses. Hence, most of small businesses are using Excel sheet to maintain their store inventory. Even Excel based inventory management can also provide same features and results, and flexibility too. So, it is good way to organize inventory with minimum effort and money.


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Actually, there are two major forms of the store inventory – One is “basic” and second is functional. Both the forms have same significance and caliber. This comprehensive document may help the business to keep their records associated with store’s materials.


Blank store inventory template sheet

Simple Blank store inventory template sheet
Blank store inventory template sheet

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Using our template, you can manage your store inventory very easily. This template may include the inventory identification code, name of the item, description of item, unit price, quantity in the stock, reorder level, reorder time in days, quantity in reorder. Actually, the contents of the inventory template can be different as business individual requirements.


  • Each item should be specifically described with its unique identification number.
  • The name / description of the item should be subjected for the inventory.
  • One of the important thing in the inventory sheet is unit price, the calculation with available quantity can get the actual value of the item.
  • You can also include one more thing if require – expire date. Some materials can require to describe the expire date such as chemicals.


Excel store inventory template sheet

Store inventory template sheet
Excel store inventory template sheet

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The Excel Inventory sheet is much helpful and having an advantages for use. Even creating a inventory sheet is much easy with Excel sheet if you follow some steps that may guide:

  • First of all, you have to identify the purpose of the making a store inventory. Mean what type of inventory that can be chemical, consumable goods etc.
  • The second step is creating a specific format along with contents formulation that makes easier to calculations.
  • You have to also list all the items, and categorized each item with specific group that make your item more specific, unique and tracking.
  • Verify the locations of each item and enter define the location for your store inventory format.


Printable store inventory template

Blank store inventory template
Store inventory Excel Sheet


This is specific store inventory sheet, which having a special features. That will be much helpful to operating all the transactions. With this inventory sheet, you can manage multiple items & categories, and groups as well.

The format may includes:

  • Serial number
  • Item unique code
  • Item name
  • Quantity in stock
  • U.O.M. (Unit of measurement)
  • Stock location
  • Store keeper name
  • Material released quantity,
  • Material received by
  • Department / location of receiver
  • Quantity received
  • Description of use this materials
  • Returned quantity if any
  • Reason of return the materials if any
  • Current location of quantity and…
  • Balance of the quantity


This specific format is much helpful to organize the multiple transaction with single line template. The entire formation is depending on the quantity transactions, there no any single “amount” or values of the materials are included. This specific store items format having all features are generally required in the manufacturing, engineering as well textile type units.


How to manage store inventory?



The store inventory is actually functional tools that easier to manage for weekly, monthly as well annually. Inventory sheet may help to business to maintain their consumable as well business products accurately. Even you can track any item uses, and wastage as well.


Keep Records & Update it

When the store having multiple items with multiple category. It is very important to maintain their records accurately. Even each item should be update once any transaction occur related to store inventory. The records may be update when any purchase, sales or consumptions, as well any materials issues to processes.


Managing Schedules

If you have to maintain your inventory accurately, you have to define the schedule for your inventory. It is appropriately helps counting the stock-inventory physically. As well makes it’s verifications with actual quantity of available stock. The schedule may help to verify and compare computer stock and physical stock.


Categorized stock sheet

This is actually one of the important process to organize the stock with specific category. It may be help to track each item with their specific description. The category helps to item maintain with their unique identification. Typically in the businesses, there are possible multiple items and locations are needs to track. The categorized stock will be help you to identify and track each item. As well as help to identify specific location as well.


Calculating Stock items

If you expecting to manage your regular inventory, you can use excel sheet to maintain it. The sheet may help you to calculate each stock item very quick and easy. Whenever you are going to entering quantities when any transaction occurs, you have can calculate the stock manually as well define the formula for it. The value of the item may be increase or decrease as on transaction happen.