Printable Salary Increase Letter format

Salary Increase Letter Format & Template for Word

A salary increase letter is formal document, which may use to declare the employee’s (Letter receiver) salary increments. Practically, the letter may contain details of increment with variety of reasons for incensement. The employer is providing this letter to individual – who gained the incensement, or will be.   In the briefly:   This is […]

Printable Reference letter format Word

Free Reference letter template for employment – Sample Word

A reference letter template is a written recommendation in favor of someone with overviews their character, abilities, skills, and individual’s disciplines. In industries, any former employee or well know person can advocate for someone for employment or something in favor by this letter.   Actually, the reference letter is type of recommendation, in this letter, […]

Daily sales report format

Daily sales report format for Excel | XLS Templates

Daily sales report format is a document may contain the records of all the sales which have been sold of products or services during a particular time frame. These records can be separate records for particular unit, a salesperson, a division, or of the entire business.   Instant example – A sales manager can create […]

Sample Memo Format

10+ Memo Format – Memorandum PDF, Examples, Samples for Word

A Memo (Memorandum) format is a written short informative message used to communicate in business. This popular form of communication is widely use to reminder specific set of information such as, policies, procedures, work instructions, or any related to business office. The format of the memo can be different as requirements of message. It can […]

Sample record retention schedule

Record Retention Schedule – RRS Sample Policy & Templates

A record retention schedule is a periodical disposal policy table for records may defines retention guidelines, and schedule. Actually, this document describes – how long data items store in records, how to dispose, and what reason for its retention. The Records retention schedule template may describe: The schedule can include the length of time for […]

Blank Letter of intent sample

Free Letter of Intent Sample | Letters of Intent Templates

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a document may contain a declaration of the intentions of the Writer. Actually, it may also outline agreement of a serves, terms & deal between two parties. LOI is usually in concept of memorandum of understanding, will be formalize binding agreement on agree both parties. In business environment, a […]

Business introduction Letter Template Example Sample

Business Introduction Letters – Free Templates (PDF & WORD)

A business introduction letter is a document may contain the brief details of business with specific & technical details for product or services to a prospective new customer. This letter typical used to introducing business’ products and services in the market. Actually the letter is medium to establish communication with potential customers. In the business […]

Cover Letter Template Sample Example Word

Free Cover Letter template for Job Resume CV in Word Example

A cover letter or covering letter is an introductive document may explain the contents of motive, and attachments. Most of the people are using the cover letter to introducing the attachments such as resumes, and company broachers. This covering letter can be important communicate document where possible to describe all the previous communication reference that […]