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Technical Report Example [How to Writing a Technical Report Format]

A technical report example is an instant document may contain scientific research or technical details outcomes with can be outlines the description of process and progress status, including conclusive results. The technical writing report usually provides technical information about a particular item to assist a person for better understanding.

The technical reports are essential document that used in businesses, organizations, research and developments to evaluate and assess the performance and feasibility. Actually, its makes easier to retrieve the information related to technical as well scientific information. This written document contains all the findings, and the results of the specific research as well technical information. Usually, the sponsors are referring to review the document where all the technical and research’s results can be incorporated. The technical reports are major source of the information of results of the technical and research.

Why technical report is used?

The purpose of the using a technical report can be varying from different as per research topic, technical requirements and segments. Commonly, following purposes may be for use of a technical reports:

  • The basic purpose of the technical reports can be informing the company, sponsors or peoples about the results of research, as well including a technical information. The length, and contents can be varying as per subject to research.
  • Typically, a technical reports gives an idea about the project, or research’s progress status, hence, sponsors or concern peoples can review the results of the entire details.
  • Through the reporting document of technical, it can be easier to ensure the planning, and its deadlines, even potential completion of research.
  • Actually, this is the report that all the results can be incorporate in single document. Hence, the reviewer can be check the findings, results data and information to get the idea about actual progress and what going on with the research.

It is obvious that when you are working with any science research, or any project that you need to create technical report to presenting a results, and information concern with it. The reviewer or sponsors may require to get idea about the progress status of the entire exercise. The research and technical details may give a viable information that could present a clear overview.

Basic structure of technical report

Actually, the details of the technical reports can be different as per subject of research, project complexity and technical details. When you are going to create report to presenting the results of any topic that displaying the results from the research or on going status. You have to take care of some basic details and contents that makes perfect and effective report. Some of the details which may help you to creating a technical report which though you can manage your details are as below:


In this section you should be start with new topic even page for the reporting. This abstract section is one of the important things that contain summary of the works in a one or two paragraph. The abstract should be well-organized, fonts, size of text, and enough spacing between words & lines. Even more, the abstract should be not being exceed on page.

Report Title

The title is one of the important part of the entire reporting document. It is describing a specific heading for report is written. The reader can get an idea on which details may include under the head section.

Table of contents

The table of contents is where the subtopics and parts of the technical report is listed with their corresponding page numbers. This section describing a list of heading of each heading and subheading contented with the entire report, actually, it should preset heading styles. Normally, after the finish whole document, table of contents are requiring to prepare for describing as navigation of the document.


The section contents the introduction about report itself, what contents, details of technical and outcomes are included in it. Introduction is usually, briefly describing about research, details of researcher, data inputs and outputs, and general information about the entire project.

Report details / Content body

Usually, the main body or content section is describing all the details that reason this technical report is being prepared. In this section you can include all the important data and details which are require for presenting to sponsors. The details may include are all the milestones and steps, procedures, results details, and other important details related to project, or research.


Here in this section, you can describe the details of methodology use for the entire project, part or research. The methodology is one of the important thing that details are required in this report. The sponsors can ask for the methodology, and techniques used for the processing the subject.

Results and discussion

The report can also include the discussions details on the results that achieve till yet. The report is usually describing the progress of the project or research, even what the processing outcomes and achieved from each activity. The suggestions, comments and details of discussion can be helpful to get the further actions or investments.

Conclusions and recommendations

Naturally, the conclusion is best brief from entire document or about activities. It can be in form of summary but its comes at end of the entire document details, even more it is describing results or outcomes of the research / project that has been conducted. Usually, most of reviewers or sponsors are reading the conclusion first if don’t have enough time to read entire document. Hence, it is very important for the technical report document.


The details of the contributors in the project or research can be describe at here in this section. Typically, the acknowledgement parts include the name of the peoples, designations, role in the entire project, and how they contributed can also details.


During the project / research, if the research / project manager taken the references from any external / internal sources to collect the information for complete it. Here in this section, all the details can be describing to present with the thanks. Normally, it can be name books and authors, websites, journals, etc.


The appendices usually covering all other extra information about the research, such as charts, drafts, drawings, graphs etc. Actually, providing appropriate appendices are very necessary.

Technical Report Examples – Writing Sample & Format

Within any professional you are associated, when you are engaged with research or any specific project mostly related to science research. You have to needs a technical report to submit your sponsors or reviewers. Because the technical reports are providing a structural details of the results of a particular study which having conducting for achieve your objectives. As you can see below some ready made examples are:

Technical report example 1

Free Technical report Example
Technical report example 1

Download Example -1 for Technical Report | PDF Technical Report 

When you are going to create any important document for your business or any project. You have to take care of some things that make your reporting document more precious. The header, contents, presentations etc., things in the reporting should be well-organized. Hence, here you can download some ready made templates which may help you to creating your own technical report. This report made with basic structure which are common for all types of technical report. Even more, you can modify these details in excel sheet as your requirements.

Technical report example 2

Blank Technical report Example
Sample Technical report Template download

Excel download – Template example of technical report | PDF Download

Creating a technical report could become simple, if you know that what needs to include.  It is obvious that, the structure and contents can be varying from another technical report as per segments, industry and projects. Normally the technical reports are used for project, research or even from business. But some things that may common with any report. Even you have to consider some things before creating a technical report. There is some common idea such as setting up objectives, describe about your research, making an outlines and highlighting important things in the reports etc. This above ready made template you can use as reference for your own technical report.