Employee / HR Time Card Calculator Excel sheet

Free Time Card Calculator Template (With Breaks) for Excel

A time card calculator is methodical tool that help to recording the figures of workmen’s time spend on each task. The template may help you to organize the data of individual’s wages, overtime hours, breaks minutes, sick hours, holiday as well vacation hours. This digital document can easier to manage weekly as well monthly workmen’s records to calculate payable. In short, the time card template is widely used to determine individual workman’s total wages by calculating the working hours multiple with its wages.


Example – Calculation of Time for an Employee


Total Working hours calculates as:


Total Hours [11.17 Hours] = Working hours for a day [8:00 AM to 7:30 PM] 11.17 Hours – Breaks Minutes 20 Mints


Overtime 3.17 Hours = (Total Working) 11.17 hours – (Regular Hours) 8.00


In case of sick hours, holiday or vacation hours


Total Working hours = 11.17 hrs.


sick Hours = 1 hour, Holiday 2.00 Hours


Net working hours = 11.17 – 1.00 – 1.00 = 9.17


Net Payable will be on Hours = 9.17 (Net working Hours) x Wages (Support 25/Hour)

= 229.25 of a day


See Instant Example,


Day of WeekTime InBreaks (minutes)Time OutTotal HrsRegular HrsOvertime HrsSick HrsHoliday HrsVacation Hrs
Sat 1/128:00 AM207:30 PM11.178.003.17100
8:00 AM306:00 PM9.508.001.50000
Mon 1/148:00



How to Use Timecard calculator?


This simple time card calculator sheet is really easy to use, flexible, customizable and simple for modification. The calculation of each figure will be automatic, you have to just enter the simple details of a day. The details which are needs to enter in the sheet are:


  1. Enter the name of the employee
  2. Name of the manager (Department head, or supervisor name)
  3. Week starting date (This sheet is specifically designed for week records)
  4. Enter the Employee’s in time such as 8:00 AM
  5. Describe the Time out of employee such as 7:30 PM
  6. The total hours will be calculating automatically.
  7. Regular Hrs. will be auto; you do not need to enter anything. By industrial standard it is set as 8:00 Hrs. For a day
  8. Our time hrs. will be calculating automatically. It is from total working hours – regular hours that is 8.00 Hrs. (standard working hrs. for a day)
  9. Now you can enter the sick hrs.
  10. Holiday or vacation hrs., if any.
  11. Remains all the details will be calculating automatically.


Only “Bold” fields are requiring to enter in sheet. Remains will be auto formulas are already set.


As you can see, there is no much details are requiring to enter for the operator. There are most of the details will be calculate automatically. This Excel sheet is very easy for use, and customization, hence you do not need to worry if you want add something in it.


Time card calculator template


Simple time card calculator
Time card calculator

Excel Sheet Download




With this excel based time card calculator you can manage your individual employee’s daily time records. It may allow you to recording daily time keeping, as well tracking their payable for a week. Even you can organize it for the month too, but you have to change somethings, even require to add some fields at under the week’s day. This time card calculator template can manage the complete details of the working hours of each employee, with its breaks and overtime hours too.


If you are paying to your employee for a week, this sheet will be much helpful to recording and calculating daily payable. You have to just enter the time in, time out, and over time details along with break time in minutes, the sheet will be automatically calculating all the figures accurately.


Benefits using the time card calculator


To get accurate payroll records


Actually, the time card calculator is help you to manage and tracking individual employee’s time records. Even you can calculate wages with each hour worked at the job. This time card template may help to keep accurate payroll records, and pay employees accordingly. The best benefit of this template is – either company is retail shop, small or medium scale business even large scale industry, this time card calculator much helpful for calculate the payroll figures very easy.


Resolve disputes or misunderstanding regarding pays


Do you know what basic works of the time card calculator? – The basic purpose of the time card calculator is recording each employee’s time, and calculating wages with appropriate deductions as per present at works.

This records will be also helpful when any employee having any misunderstanding, or disputes related to pays. The records may describes each details along with hours of absents from works, that will be much proof can resolve the issues.


Tracking out accurately for overtimes and breaks


This excel sheet is works well when you are entering the values of each fields such as – if employee did any overtime or breaks, you have to accurately requires to describe in it. This details will be much helpful to the management for identifying the productive employees. As well checking out how much actually work loads, and overtime are done within the week. The sheet will be accurately representing individual employee’ overtime and beaks, even any half leave from the job.