Excel Training Feedback form

Training Feedback form for Employee / Answers – Excel Sheet

A training feedback form is a formal document to evaluate training programs to ensure the training were effective and efficient. This systematic process is professional approach to assessing feedback from the trainee as align business objectives & goals.


The feedback form is effective tool may help to improve key business requirements such as development of products, strategic management, and achievement of goals through continued learning process. The management are generally focus on traditional measures such as visual confirmation, social ownership and individual skill assessment. These measurements may help to management for identify requirements, mean gap of each employee. Even it may enable the improvement to increase higher level of performance.


How to create effective training feedback form


Creating a design form

Typically, when you are going to design form, you have to describe some important details on top of the form. Such as training date, period, trainer’s name, date of feedback, feedback number, units / department name, supervisor/ manager name etc. This information is common and necessary to tracking the form.


Usual Questions

At the second section of the form, you have to describe some common questions and design with the frame of the form. This form will be gives a basic idea about the impact of this training. Even the questions should be point the effectiveness of training, what learned from the training, and what possibility of potential improvement. Try to create “closed-ended questions pattern” which doesn’t’ takes respondent’s much time.


Don’t ask boring & long questions

Try to keep questions as well form design much short. The best design with point to point questions trainees will be fill up seriously. Otherwise they will be feel that the process takes too much time, and you can’t get genuine feedback from them.


Try to make easy as possible

The form should be much easy to fill up. Typically, the form’s language, fonts, as well proper sentences should be much effective for communication. Even in some cases, you have to commit to your respondents in the form, that them identify would not be revealed. Even the questions and design should be much easier to get quick understandable for each one.


Tips for making questions for a feedback form


  • Try to keep questions should be optimized and well-constructed. Even questions should be much extensive, hard and confusing.
  • Each question must be closed-approach with subject about the training. The quality of the training, key information related questions are much helpful for overall performance measurements.
  • Don’t ask questions that seem like bias that not easier to answer pleasurably.
  • Some questions that might affect the outcomes’ results. Mean do not try to assume the answer to the question.
  • You can ask about the questions such as – What you learn about “subject”, what your opinion to improve the training section, is there training is too long, the training sections cover all the job related requirements etc.


Simple Training feedback form

Sample of  Simple Training feedback form
Training feedback form

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Using this form, you can collect training feedback as well you can crease the evaluation report on the training program. With this report, you can describe some important questions that help you evaluate the individual, as well group training. The general questions that you can ask to trainee such as training needs and requirements, objective related, and also about the student materials that are used in the training sections. Some other questions that related to faculty, such as how you will rate the faculty etc. Even you can also include such questions that closely related to trainee’s works. Such as The training will be helpful for enhancing your job works, and skills related to your job.


Printable Training feedback form Excel

Blank Printable Training feedback form Excel
Printable Training feedback form Excel

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This is simple printable training feedback form that help you to ensure the effectiveness of the training. The may include name of the employee, top of the program, date and duration, nature of the training, program contents, faculty name, what learning from the program, the form will be help you to your works, what you learned from the program. Even you can also include extra details such as comments from the manager, supervisor as well department head for the satisfactions from the training.


The questions in the form should be specific and unique that closed to training and trainee’s works. Typically, the training requirements and its technical should be much important in the entire training, as well evaluation later on about training program. During the preparing the form, you have to keep maintain the dignity of this form’s requirements. You have to keep the such questions that your fulfill your objectives for that you are creating this form.



Blank training feedback form

Free Blank training feedback form
Blank training feedback form

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This unique form is describing specific details which is helpful to evaluating the training program to collecting feedback from the trainee. This form may include some important information such as course details, process program details, structure of the training, about the trainer, facilities and overall training.


The form may help you to get feedback from the training related to course such as course contents and overall experience of this entire training program. Even you can also include the details in this section such as the information you learn during the program is applicable to your regular works, what affect your ability to job performance, and what you may expecting to focus from the course etc.


At the second section you have to ask some unique questions about the structure of the training, such as what was the training sections, pace of the training, about schedules, materials and level of experience.


Herein this section, you have specifically ask about the trainer. You can get some important and useful information about the mentor, such as knowledge on subject matter, the trainer was able to clearly and easy methods are used to keep subject understandable etc. Even you can include some general questions about the training facilities, timing setup, training environment etc.