Simple Training Schedule format

Training Schedule template for Excel | Daily, Weekly, Annual

A training schedule template is systematic plan to include various program which are require to fill out gap of particular skills of individual employee. Usually, a training schedule can be in sessions, which can be includes activities on specified time schedule for each section at pre-defined facility.


Practically, the training schedule organize as per the time slot for each training’s topic. It may be including venue, faculty name, trainees name, date and time details for conducting a training, training facility name, name of topics, type of training etc.


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Elements of the training schedule


Whenever you are going to create a schedule for a training, you have to just keep some basic things which is necessary to include. Typically, the schedule having a basic element that targets the specific topic as training program. As well time is also key element where management setup the time slot for each training program or session.


Standardize formation


At the initial level, you have to keep find the best structure for training schedule where you can include all the details. The schedule must be standard format, which is specifically make easier outline require information.


General Information


In this section, you can include some general details but very important for the training schedule template. Herein, you can describe the date of the training schedule, date and time, venue, responsible person name, objective of the training, material requirements such as documents, books, standards etc as well any logistical requirements. Typically, this section may include basic require details which are needs to describe at top of the format.


Key information


Herein this section, the schedule should be cover specific information such as training schedule list, name of training program, faculty, target group, conducted on date and any remarks require. Usually, it can be in tabular format where all the details should be filled and described it brief.


Main Contents


At herein there can be three major parts – knowledge area, competency scores and training sections. The first part, you have to describe the specific requirements about the knowledge related to the job, which is require for improve the job performance. At the section part, you have to describe details of the competency scores which may increase on completion of the training and perform at the job, and third part describe the details of the training where important topics are discuss and learn during the period of time.


New employee training schedule template

Employee Training Schedule format
Employee training Planner

Excel Sheet Download

Whenever you are going to hire any new employee, it is obvious that, new candidate cannot know much about the company and internal processes. It is actually, management responsibility to teach the basic about the company, internal processes, rules, policies as well specific job training.


  • The schedule may include specific training plan for individual employee.
  • This template design may help to employer to identify require training to particular job. New hire employee can get sufficient training which is targets their own job’s performance.
  • The template design actually describes the actual / learning path that only needs to fill out this format for performing training.
  • Using this template, you can keep team aligned.


Most of the businesses are arranging the induction training when someone join the company. New employee training program is actually preparing by human resources. The program may be including – Company policies, rules, organizational charts, works culture, safety and environmental, job specific training.



Annual training schedule template


Annual Training Calendar
Annual training Sheet

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The annual training schedule template is a specific document where the management can describe training needs, training plan and require skills that scheduled to fill out the gap for individual employees. Typically, it may be for existing employee which is specifically design to conduct annual training.


Usually, the annual training may be results of the job analysis, gap analysis, skill requirements as well as any major changes occurs.




If any manufacturing unit establish any new equipment or machinery which is equipped with latest technology and functions. In this case management should conduct the training for the employee acknowledge about these latest devices.


Annual schedule is also identifying such small and major changes and update the employees these changes which is directly or indirectly affect their job performance. As results of the annual training schedule – each employee can be well understood their machinery and devices, work instruction as well as procedures that they need to follow regularly.


Free employee training schedule template excel

Regular training Calendar format
Employee training Calendar Sheet

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Whenever you are decided to create a training schedule template, you have to keep note somethings that much important during making the template. Such as you have to design the template that match your requirements, keep objective of the schedule, include sufficient but necessary details and set priority topic at top of the schedule.


If you don’t have enough time to create a schedule, you can find out best templates herein from the gallery. Using our template, you can get best functions, tools and advance formulas which makes your work easy and comfort. This template is made with Excel, which is easy for use and having all the require tools that helpful for customization.


Weekly training schedule template excel

Simple 7 days training plan
Weekly training Planning Sheet



Using our templates, you can keep track your time and your scheduled tasks. Even you can make sure your plans complete within a limited period. This weekly training schedule template may help you to organize each hour of a day for a week. You can plan the weekly schedule for training purposes.


Actually, the weekly training schedule is one of the important activity for the business. Even training gives and awareness of each business process by covering these processes in the training schedule. Hence, each update of business, process, work instruction, even any major changes can be possible to cover in the weekly training schedule.

Here are some points that may clarify the weekly training schedule requirements:


  • If the organize had changed any procedure, process or work instruction. Business can conduct the training or even include these changes in the weekly training program.
  • Equipment change, new equipment purchases, device operating manual change, or equipment software changes can also include in the weekly changes.
  • For New hire employee can get enough training through weekly training programs.
  • Each update related to organization, even department, or other changes can take effects.
  • Individual improvement, management change and system changes.
  • The results of the gap analysis, individual performance analysis or skill analysis.


These are common reasons that described above may results the weekly training program may be conducts. Or the update can be including that may reason of above points.


Training schedule template excel sheet

Individual Training schedule excel sheet
Employee Training sheet – Scheduling daily / weekly plans

Sheet Download


Creating training schedule template with Excel sheet is very easy. You can create various types of training schedule in the Excel, such as daily, weekly, monthly or even annual training program. Actually, Excel is really very easy application, where you can manage all the require contents, design, formulas and time.


How to Create a Training Schedule in Excel?


The Excel application is one of the important office tool which is much help for creating business templates and formats for various purposes. Training schedule is one of the important business document where all the require training related plans may be including. Here are some basic steps that may help you to creates a training schedule in excel easier:


Select template design

There are so many different and different types of the templates are available online, you can find best suitable template which is fit to your business requirements. Even you can also create your own template to take reference from our template. Herein this step you have to just identify best suitable template where you can manage your all require plans sufficiently.


Design, edit template in Excel

Either you can design template by your own or you can select our any template and edit it as your business needs. There multiple requirements of the design where major two sections, first is general section where all the common details you have to describe, and at second section – you can describe schedule / plan for the training.


In the first section, you can include – training date, number, faculty name, venue, subject etc.

At second section, you can include – name of employee, time slot schedule, topic, faculty, etc.


Enter Basic details in first section

Herein this section, you have to describe some basic details, which described as above. Even you can also include some other details, such as book reference, details of subjects, objectives etc. The details which are common, but its necessary to identify the training requirements. Hence it’s all are necessary to filled out in line with requirements.


Insert table for second section

  • Actually, inserting table in the Excel is so easy.
  • You have to just select Excel cells as require
  • Go to Border and “select all border”
  • Now you have to fill all the cells as require
  • Such as – Time schedule, section, Topic name, description of subject, materials, which are going to use in this training, faculty name, and Employees name – who are going to participate.