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Free travel budget template for excel – Excel worksheet

A travel budget template is document may contain state financial allocation to potential expenses to develop comprehensive cost system for traveling expenses. The idea behind the travel budget is to organizing expenditures for save up some money without zero cut down any specific expenses or potential expense from list. Even the concept defines limits to avoid excessive amount for particular expense.

The budgeting for travel is help you to organize your day-to-day potential expenses in case of you are frequently traveling for your business, even for person reasons. Before creating a budget for travel, you have to keep in mind what you want to spend behind which expense, and which are really needs. Even more, you can avoid some extra expenses which can be exceed during traveling.

Why travel budget is important?

In the business environment, travel budget is necessary tool which are frequently use by financial department. This budget sheet will be helpful to organize and balancing your expenditures against your income. In case you travel for business needs, it will be more important for the business to allocate the expenses which are sufficient and necessary for the successfully complete the visit.

  • Budgeting can balance your expenditures with your financial incomes.
  • It will be easier to manage each expense, as per your day-to-day expenditures.
  • The travel budget can help to save the money to avoiding excessive expense through monitor budget against actual expenses.
  • This is the plan, without plan your entire travel can be disturbing on financial point of view.
  • Even you can prioritize your expenses, you can better understand which expenses are important to complete the traveling, and which may possible avoid.
  • This may be gives you estimation figures of entire travel event.

Here as common benefits or importance of the travel budget which may needs to focus on. Because this important points that will be motivate to prepare budget template for each travel event.


Tips for write travel budget template

While you are planning for travel for business or personal purpose. You can use some tips given as below to make your budget more convenient. This tips providing common needs to making a effective and saving the money for your budget.

  1. First of all, you have to list down all the potential travel expenses. These expenses you have to manage with higher to low in order. You can use various technique to organize priority for each expense.
  2. Use the priority method and identify the potential expenses as listed. This prioritized expenses should be on top of the budget sheet.
  3. Create the structure of the budget sheet. You can use various templates as given below on this site.
  4. Allocate budget to each expense as per your managed. These expenses may be day-to-day.
  5. Allocate some potential or splurge expenditures additionally.


As you know, at the time before traveling there are so many things that you to do. But most important is budget for the travel. Most of the businesses and for personal visits may be review the entire visits costs before plan for travelling. Hence, its being much important while you plan for travel.

Simple travel budget templates for excel

To save your money from over spending and avoiding unnecessary expenses during the traveling, travel budget is unique tool to do it. But creating a travel budget template may take a long time and money. Hence, here are the simple travel budget templates are available with many varieties. You can download these templates and use for your regular budgeting.

Free travel budget template

travel budget template | Examples | Samples | PDF | Download
Free travel budget template

Excel Templates – Travel Budget Template Download | PDF templates Download

This is very simple and unique travel budget sheet which may include all the expenses which are usually take place during the traveling. This template covers airfare, hotel expenses, foods, taxi rental, gas, increase of entertainment, gifts etc. If you are visiting for business or personal purposes, all above are general expenses for travelling. This template is free for download; you can download this template with excel sheet.

Travel budget plan excel template


Simple travel budget Plan – Excel template download | Download PDF – Budget worksheet Template for Excel

This is one of the important budget worksheet for travel. This template covering various categories and expenses which are general for traveling event. This may include transportation, lodging, foods, activities, airfare, bus and taxi fare etc. The template is made with excel application. As you well know excel then this will be much help to manage your expense specifically for travelling. Even this template has special feature such as its describing the details if you are entering more values from budget, it will be indicating over expenses, mean you will be realizing about excess expenses.