Visitor Register book format

Free Printable Visitor Register book template – Excel Sheet format

In business environment, a visitor register template is a record book for maintain all guests that visits the business premises. Usually, the records are keep track each visitor’s incoming and outgoing time, reason for visits, as well contact details. Mostly, this records are maintaining at the reception of office or main entrance gate of any business. Now days, visitor register is necessary part of any business to keep records of guests.


The usual practice in any business of maintain the visitor register can be:


  • Each visitor / guest / vendor / supplier or courier person, etc., will be recorded in the visitor book when entering in the business premises.
  • The enterer can sign-in in the visitor register along with its name, also needs to mention – where from and its contact details.
  • When it left out – record keeper will be record the sign-out / time out of each visitor.
  • Each visitor’s pass may be generating by using the details of visitor register.


It is obvious that any business should know who are coming – and going at division at on which time. Even which visitor had left the business premises on what time?


The key purpose of establishing such kind of system in the business it:


  1. To maintaining accurate information of visitors
  2. Aware visitors about the emergency procedures
  3. Evident the visitors – in-coming and out-going time accurately.


Simply, this register will be maintaining the records of each guests – who is not employee of the business. The records may include visitor name, visitor address details, contact number, visitor’s company / business name, in-time, out-time, signature of visitor, and remarks – if any.


Benefits of visitor register template


Using this template, you can easily access all the records, previous histories of meetings, list of visitors etc. Mostly recording the list of guests and tracking is much important. However, there are multiple benefits that businesses can get to maintain this register:


  • The key benefit of this register is to managing and easier for tracking all information of visitors that visited during the month or even during a year.
  • Makes easier to retrieve information about the particular visitor anytime.
  • The data may be helpful for security reasons for the business. It can be easy for tracking and filtering particular information.
  • Business management can keep track on guest that visiting for various purposes. They can effectively track some information which may helpful in future.


Keep recording of each visitor in the business is much important. There are actually multiple reasons and benefits to do it. Usually in the businesses, it may be worthy information when any emergency or even security issues.


Printable visitor register book template

Excel Printable visitor register book format
Visitor register book Format

Excel Sheet Download

If you own the business, it is obvious that you meet many peoples even peoples may visit your office or your premises. All the details as well visitor list can be impossible to remember. Hence, visitor register is ultimate solution that may help to recording these details.


Using this template, you can maintain the records, as well track each details about the visitor. The sheet may help to track particular day and time of visitor, name of visitor, even purposes that visitor had visited to your premises. This printable visitor register may provide you daily as well monthly records of each visitor. You can print this entire register if you wish to do.



Excel visitor register book format

Excel visitor register book template
Excel visitor register book


This Excel visitor Register book template is specifically design for recording visitor for office or business premises. The sheet is specifically design in the Excel application. Which having an advance tool, filters as well tools that may help you to manage the information. Typically, this visitor register book much helpful for recording, tracking and monitor each visitor – along with each one’s in-coming / out-going time. The visitor register book may include dates of visit, time-in, time-out, visitor name, reason for visit, company / firm / individual name, and visitor signature.



Simple visitor register book excel sheet


Effective visitor register book template
Blank Visitor register book Sheet for Excel


This simple visitor register book having all the basic structure, design and contents that may help you to record visitor details. In any business, visitor register is important part of the security system, usually, in the emergency situation. Even more, management always expecting the accurate details about each visitor, who visiting business facility.