Work Experience Certificate Template

Work Experience Certificate templates (Word Format)

A work experience certificate is a letter, written by a company / institution to confirming the duration of an employee associated tenure with them. The certificate letter may contain employee’s tenure of associating with job. The information on job description such as rule, designation, salary, performance and behavior. Actually, in the certificate of work experience, describing the time period of worked in company is much important.  Some institutions are also includes attesting the skills, behavior, contributions and job performance details in the letter.

Practically, the certificate of work experience letter is a formal letter written on the business’s “official letter head”. Which is issued by employee to their employee on special occasion, or an employee leaving their services. Usually, it may issue on time of employee requesting to employer for resigns from their job duties.

Tips for writing meaningful experience certificate letter

The certificate of the experience letter may certify that the employee has worked with the organization for some time period. The letter also may include employee’s performed tasks, duties and responsibilities attended during the tenure. The human resources department of the company can also include employee’s achievement, satisfactory contributions for the business growth, as well performances. Mostly, in the certificate letter appreciatively polite language are preferable for writing contents.

Some of the key points that may help you to understand the general structure, and contents can be used for writing the letter.

  • Remember that, this is an official letter, hence it must be on the company’s letterhead.
  • The certificate must contain the date of the issue of the “certificate of experience”. Usually, it can put at the top of the letterhead.
  • At the next, you have to make the declaration words or salutation such as “To whomsoever, it may concern”.
  • As per company records, put the full name of the employee with details of the employee including his designation/position, as well as department name.
  • In the tenure of the “employment”, you have to describe the full details – mean, date of joining and the last day of working in the organization. Total working years and months.
  • In the body section, employee’s designation or position, description and job performance, capabilities, skills, duties, and responsibilities may include in the job description.
  • Short Details of the authorized person, who may be signed on the letter. It can be the director, head of the department, manager, etc.
  • At the end of the letter, you have to describe the details of the company, even should have the company’s seal/stamp.

There you get found some useful tips that should be kept in mind, while creating a certificate of work experience. Let’s highlight it, first of all the certificate should be immediate issued by manager on company letter head. Check the details of certificate after the draft it. Because the certificate is official and formal document, it should have certain elements for the candidate to be able to take benefit optimally. At the bottom, all the necessary information such as signature of authority, company stamp, date of stamp etc.

Samples of Experience Certificate letter


[Company Name]
[Street Address, City, ST ZIP Code]


Dear Sir/Madam [or name],
This letter is to verify that NAME OF APPLICANT was employed at NAME OF COMPANY in the position of NAME OF POSITION. This position was FULL-TIME/PART-TIME/CONTRACT.
NAME OF APPLICANT commenced employment in the above-mentioned position with our company on EMPLOYMENT COMMENCEMENT DATE until EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION DATE.
If you require any additional information, please contact me at PHONE # or EMAIL. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Warm regards,
Name Here (Company Name & Stamp)
Date of Issue:
Your Title


Date of Registration:
Registration Number:
Date & Time of Issue:
Type: Individual | Group


This is to certify that Mr./Ms/Mrs._____________________________________ (Name and Address of the candidate) has worked/has been working
in the institution / Company / Organization as _____________________________________(Here enter he name of the post
held or holding or the nature of assignment holding or held in the _________________)on $. ……………………… per
day/per men sum for the period of ……………………….. years ……………………… Months ……………………….
days from ……………………. to ……………………….. .
Dated Signature, Name and Designation of the Issuing Authority
with Name of institution / Company / Organization
(Office Seal)

Examples of Work Experience certificate templates

The Works experience is very important to perform any kind of job. It can give the confidence to person having the sufficient knowledge of any task at any field, either if it is workshop, office or public services. Actually, the work experience is main factor for any individual, it really works and contribute for their career. That is reason, when an employee going to leave their job from any organization or company, he always requests for work certificate. Usually, he gets the appropriate certificate as performed during their job tenure. You may also see work experience letter templates.

Printable Work Experience certificate Word

Work Experience certificate Word
Work Experience certificate Word

Word Document Download

When person leaving the job from a company, he gets the work experience certificate. This certificate may formal and official document, which may helpful to person for future job or career. Hence, the person expecting work certificate store with hard copy for its career file. However, company typically provides paper (hard copy) to person who is leaving the job. In short, printing the job experience certificate is much important. The printable copy may help to computer operator that easily print the copy, and provide to person who requested.

Blank Work Experience certificate Excel

Work Experience certificate Excel
Printable Work Experience certificate Excel

Excel Sheet Template download

If you are belonging to human resources department of any small scale business, definitely  you should be check out these ready made job experience certificate letter formats. Because preparing the job experience certificate can take time and money if your business has limited staff employees. That is the reason that you have to find out best suitable job experience certificate, download it… it is free of cost. You also can modify, and update as per your requirement.