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Free Work Progress report template (Project, Daily, Weekly) – Excel Sheet

A work progress report template is document may represent essential status of a project or activity and progress of works. It can also help to compare the track of progress with budget, schedules and scope planned for particular task or entire project. This report can cover how much works carried out, and which tasks are on completed as per planned. The milestones, deadlines, schedules and timelines can be verifying with reviews of progress report. In short, the report much helpful for understand current condition of the project or particular activity.


Usually, the report can create for some interval such as daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly as per length of the project. The regular reporting on the progress may help to modification, or reviews of the budget, scope as well as schedules of each tasks.


Work Progress report template is helpful when:


  • Once the start the project, it is obvious that management should be update the existing status of the project, and progress about entire project / even for individual task as well.
  • The updates of the project should be also important for the partners, stakeholders, as well as team who dedicated to a project.
  • The regularly update may help to management for understand existing status, as well as they can take any important decisions appropriately.


This report is also called – MIS report,

Mean management are often used this report to review existing status of the project’s progress. Just say that project management will be takes the decisions on reviews this report accordingly. That mean the report much important for the management for keep track the entire project, and further communication with team.


Free Work Progress report template

Best Work Progress report template
Work Progress Report Template

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This daily progress report template is outlines the entire project’s status. The management can review the entire project progress and can understand the individual tasks’ progress as well.


This template contains three major sections – Project details, overall progress of a day, Estimated quantities, description of delay, and common remarks and notes. This report includes as below:


Project Details

The details of the projects are requiring to fill out in this section. Here you can describe the project name, job identification number, contractor name, supervisors or manager name and details, date, and existing status.


Overall progress

This section is typically use to recording the details of overall progress of the project for a day. The description of each task, schedule, plans, as well individual task details, achieved milestones, completed tasks etc. you can describe herein. As you can see in the format, there are four major fields described in the tabular form. Manpower used in the project or particular task, work completed, resources are used to perform the task, and existing status.


Estimated Quantities

When you had defined measurements to measure the individual tasks or activity, you can describe the estimated quantities for each task. The section can help you to describe the task location, description of the task, items, total and overall works completed.


Describe details of delay

This section is very important and specific. In case of any project task is being delay, you can describe here under this title. Typically, incidents, resources waiting, goods or materials delay, manpower availability can be major reasons for delay. You can describe any reason that actually occurred during performing task.


Remarks and notes

This is simple and common section of the entire format. Herein you can describe any specific note and remarks about any particular task or activity. The remarks can be specifying the details, and helpful for management to understand about the matter.


Tips to Write Work progress report template


The work progress report template may help to the project manager to record the entire project’s progress. The contents of the progress reports can be varying as per project requirements, scale of project, objectives and subject of the project.


Here are some simple tips that may help you write effective progress report:


  • The initial steps to writing the progress report is, understand your audience. When you are going to create the report, you must determine what actually management are expecting to review from the project. Even what points may require for focus that usually management expecting from the progress report.
  • Writing properly, clear and readable is much important when you are going to create report for a project. How you use the words it can be “technical words”, make sure the elaborate each sentence properly.
  • Reporting can be for daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, it’s all depends on the project scale, subjects and requirements of business. The team should be deciding – What will be frequently require to prepare the progress report, even consider that how frequent management expecting progress report.
  • Make the proper concise at top of the report. This can be including introduction, and specific summary of the entire project that makes convenience for readers.
  • Describe the deadlines of each task separately. It makes the accurate information for the records.
  • In each section of the report, you have to re-check all the details you entered in the report. Each details should be proper and accomplish with identified figures, graph as well tabular forms if possible.
  • Address each issues, problems, challenges, and achievements in proper way. This is actually necessary and part of the progress estimation.
  • Write conclusions, as well recommendations to make things much simple. It may help to reader to understand the serious issues, achievements, and actual progress.


Team Suggestions

When you complete the entire progress report. You have to represent to your team members. Take the opinions and suggestions about the progress report. In case of any spell mistake, wrong sentence, unusual details, or anything that your team expecting to include in the report should be discussed.