Work schedule format

Work schedule template for Excel [Daily, weekly, monthly]

Work schedule template is specific planning document to accomplish the list of tasks with allocation of works to individual on allocates time slots to each one. Typically, the work schedule can be hourly or daily for weekly or monthly arrangement. The key aim of the work schedule is to complete the works with well-organized on time.


The work schedule is actually planning of works, a timetable where management allocates works for individual employee, with specific time slot to complete the task. In the work schedule, there are actually three major elements:


  • Manpower [Dedicated / available / shift wise]
  • Time [ May be for two shifts / standard time – 8 hours for individual.]
  • List of tasks [it’s all depends on the project / process]


The schedule helps to organize each task with specify the time bounds to each available employee. If the schedule covers all the tasks with specified time limit, the task may be successfully completing on time.


It is necessary when someone creating a work schedule should have a management skill, process knowledge, time management knowledge as well manpower management skills. Overall’ work schedule planner must be much experience in the taken process. Because of the most of the schedules are never similar due to works variety and variations in the existing conditions.


Sample Work Schedule template


——————— WORK SCHEDULE ———————

PROCESS NAME: Cutting Tubes
TUBES QTY: 2000 Nos.
START / END TIME: 7:00 AM TO 4:00 PM


7:10 AM – 10: 00 AM152500
10:10 AM – 12:00 PM152500
1:10 PM – 2:00 PM152500
2:10 PM – 4:00 PM152500


Work Schedule template excel

Blank Work Schedule format
Work Schedule template excel

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The work schedule template is actually time management tool, which outlines tasks / activities that needs to complete in time limits. This is actually well-organized work plan structure that help to management for maintain the process sequence with prioritize the tasks in order to requirements.


This is actually unique and different type of work schedule which may cover all the business requirements.

Such as:
  • The schedule may cover the list of key responsibility. In this section, the business can define and allocate the key responsibility to their employee. You can list out the name of the employee who are responsible for their particular tasks.
  • General responsibilities. The section may include what are the general responsibilities that needs to complete. It may be variety of the activities that needs to include herein.
  • Skills require to complete the job. Herein the section, you can include the specific requirements for the job. That may be skills, experience, attitude, knowledge requirements may be covered. Each job needs specific requirements, and herein you can describe specific skills and its requirements along with their task list.
  • Before the complete and allocation of the task, details of the task and its awareness is much important. The employee who had nominated for particular task, they should much aware of attributes, attitudes and aptitudes.


In this work schedule, the basic requirements are possible to describe that may help you to allocation of the work schedule. This is actually about the key requirements, job allocations and time management that each management expecting before the start the process.


Weekly work planning and scheduling sheet template

Weekly work schedule format
Weekly work schedule template


If you don’t have right tool for managing the tasks, it may be difficult to individual’s task management, as well changes may negative impacts immediate on the work plans. This weekly schedule template is best communication tool that may help you to organize your tasks much effectively. There are simply you have to enter some values in the field that may results you will get much effective schedule.


Typically, this schedule may include the week details, company name, department name, employee name, work assignment, working hours, as well as week’s days. This simple schedule may help you to individual task assignment, time setup for a week.


Employee work planning sheet and scheduling sheet

Employee work schedule format
Employee work schedule

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The schedule refers to the process that may coming up with specific details about the task. Even the it may help to collaborate and allocate the necessary resources to facilitate their executions. Moreover, this is actually coordinate multiple tasks that needs to complete over the time.


Why use an employee work schedule template?



The employee work schedule template is always appreciating helpful to organize the employee’s hourly works, even they are part-time of full-time. Usually, managers are uses the work schedule to organize their resources includes equipment and machinery to complete the task over the time. There are actually multiple reasons that employee work schedule is much helpful to management:


  • It is help to organize tasks to individual with effective and systematic manner.
  • This is actually best option to utilize the resources, such as – men, machine, equipment, and time.
  • Everyone know their responsibility – Everyone knows what their duties are on today. They can perform their tasks without any confusions.
  • It makes easy the arrangement of the manpower, equipment, as well as other requirements such as third party inspection, maintenance, customer visits etc.
  • The schedule can help you to understand uncovered time and shifts.
  • Generally, the entire schedule is based on the perfect communication. Obviously the communication may helpful to complete each task without any issue.


This is actually necessary to creating an employee work schedule to manage the multiple tasks with effective and systematic way. Most of the businesses are using the specific software to organize their tasks on timeline schedule. But the specific software may be costly and needs a maintenance over the time. Fortunately, we have Excel which provides a sufficient tools and platform that we can create best schedule for the business requirements.


Monthly work schedule Sample download

Printable Monthly work schedule format
WOW Monthly work schedule template

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The monthly work schedule is actually systematic plan. Which used to achieve the objectives and goals that concern to accomplish tasks on limited time. Monthly schedule is actually long term schedule, that may possible to require some changes over the time, if require. Hence, it may take much attention to creating it. The sequence of the processes, specific requirements, characteristics of the product etc. things are much appreciate include in specific note in the schedule, to avoiding any issues.


How to create a monthly schedule?


Distribution the tasks for a month is really tough job. You have to take care of many things, that directly or indirectly impact on the schedule. Hence, during the creating a schedule you can take the reference document and templates.


  • List out all the tasks that needs to complete in a month.
  • Details of the shift.
  • The most important works is – listing how much time you have to a month. Example. you have 26 days – 3 holidays = 23 days’ x 8 hours = 184 hours for suppose for 130 manpower.
  • Collect the detailed information of each process that associated with tasks.
  • What materials (Bill of materials) require to complete the task.
  • List out the manpower available for the month. Typically, it should have verified the human resources department. There may be possible any key employees are on leave during the month.
  • Review the availability of the resources such as equipment, machinery, devices, etc.
  • Allocate the tasks, allocate the time to each employee along with dedicated resources.
  • Discuss with the supervisors, department heads and management with check the schedules.
  • Review the schedule, and amend if any changes required.
  • Distribute the schedule among the employees.


A creating a monthly schedule template is not tough job. If you have sufficient tools and details, that require to making a schedule. The effective schedule may help the manage and organize the tasks with systematic manner.



Daily work schedule Excel Sheet Format

Printable Daily work schedule format
Daily work schedule template


There are many different ways and types of the work schedules, such as:

  • Rotating work schedule
  • Variable work schedule
  • Time work schedule
  • Over-time work schedule etc…

Typically, it can be hourly, daily, weekly or even for a month. This work schedule can use for a day. This daily work schedule is including the employee name, time deadlines, task list etc.